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Phuket Bird Paradise Phuket Tour / Entertainment

Phuket is endowed a beautiful bird park and a abundant plot of hilly land full of an abundance of exotic flora.

Phuket Bird Paradise

Phuket is endowed a beautiful bird park and gardens called Phuket Bird Paradise located on the right-hand aspect a few klick on the large Buddha Road from the turning off the most Chao Fah West Road. Phuket Bird Paradise occupies a abundant plot of hilly land full of an abundance of exotic flora, through that the winding ways take you past a broad array of the many of our feathered friends. There ar an abundance of bright coloured parrots,parakeets and lorikeets with their dramatically aglow red,green and yellow plumage, as well as a private favorite having lived in Australia, sulfur-crested cockatoos.A first stop for all of Bird Paradise’s guests is to have their picture taken whereas covered in a throng of birds, that the handlers place everywhere you…. even perked up nonchalantly upon your head. The bird handlers ar very economical and appear to be able to command their vertebrate charges to do their bidding regardless of what, but the secret is that the supply of helianthus seeds that the handlers keep feeding the birds to bolster their good behavior!

Now here is that this more evident than at the “must-see” Bird Show that Bird Paradise runs in their area. This options absolutely wonderful feats of bird training and tricks which can both entertain you and leave you scratching your head on how the birds really do such feats of apparent magic. you're invited up onto the stage to move with the birds that children and adults alike completely enjoy.I was lucky enough to pay some time with the park’s famous bird trainer a friendly girl who has worked with avians for many years around Thailand. She told me that it takes concerning eight months of daily training to show a new bird the new tricks within the show which the bright coloured South american parrots ar her star pupils.Bird Paradise could be a terrific venue for families and for children of course, who will pay a lot of happy time browsing around the several cages looking at the birds, then stopping at the café to refresh with cool drinks before carrying on with their journey. Phuket itself is usually remarked as a “Paradise Island” andthe huge number of annual guests and lots of residents who decision it home would without delay agree with this description.Certainly the island is endowed tropical climes and luxurious,abundant trees and vegetation that creates it a paradise not just for humans, except for our feathered friends who ar a massively necessary a part of the island’s engaging environment.I left Phuket Bird Paradise with a spring in my step having been completely entertained and charmed by the birds,the lovely surroundings and the friendliness of the workers.It’s a beautiful excursion for all, particularly families and kiddies who will have an unforgettable time.

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High lights :

  • Excellent Show and an amazing experience
  • Great place for family day out
  • Enjoyable and fun
  • Bird show for children
  • Great entertainment for children and the young at heart


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