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Phuket Birds Nest Phuket Tour / City Tour in Phuket

Bird's nests? Bird's saliva? Have you ever wondered why people like bird's nests?

Phuket Birds Nest Soup Phuket

Bird's nests? Bird's saliva? Yes, but there's something more about it that you may not know before. Have you ever wondered why people, especially the Chinese are fond of bird's nests? And why are they so expensive? A kilo of unprocessed raw bird's nests costs 100,000-120,000 baht (1USD = around 40 baht).

Levels of bird's nests quality The expensive high-quality nests are the first nests harvested for the first time in the harvesting season. The bird's nests collected during this time are white and less contaminated. The third nests, are more dirty because they are harvested after the baby birds have grown up and left the nests. These nests need to be cleaned up more than the earlier ones.

Ethics of the bird's nest concessionaires The operators must strictly hold on to the conservation principles which aim to sustainably make the most of bird's nests. That is to utilize them for the longest possible period of time and produce the least waste. Harvesting the nests especially for the third time means that although the nests are of poor quality, they had better be collected than be allowed to decay since the baby birds have already left the nests. Concessionaires must not break the rules of birds's nest harvesting because it will lead to devastation.

Additionally to the museum, there's a shop wherever birds’ nests are often purchased for making soup in addition as a eating place wherever a bowl of the soup can be purchased and sampled. There are 3 types of nests. The brown is that the least overpriced, the white more expensive, and also the red the foremost overpriced. The nests are supposed to be wealthy in nutrients with multiple health benefits, together with aiding digestion, rising skin look, and, of course, raising sexual desire. If you would like to sample this delicacy, I suggest doing so in Phuket, as they harvest the nests regionally and seem to sell them at a lower price than are often found in China or elsewhere.

Medicinal properties Bird's nests are believed to act as a tonic for the lungs and can help keep the function of respiratory system homeostatic. They are also excellent for boosting the blood circulation system for children, patients in recovering stage, women after delivery and the old. Bird's nest soup is praised as a superb tonic so full of benefits that it is prohibited to add cooking oil or other seasonings to it.

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